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Coming Soon: ViolaPod #2

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Just over a third of the way into the season and with Juventus at home to look forward to, it's time to get your questions and comments for another #ViolaPod

It's gonna feel this good
It's gonna feel this good
Claudio Villa

Normally at about this time on a Tuesday those of us Americans lucky enough to not work during the day would be preparing to root against Milan and Juventus watch the Champions League, but the cold, damp mire of the international break has now descended, leaving us chilly and with only the looming prospect of winter for company. But wait - what's that? There's a crackling warmth approaching? That's right Fiorentina fans, get ready for the nutritious bonfire of mixed metaphors that is the triumphant (?) return of ViolaPod!

And while I could easily spend over half an hour talking about how I think Borja Valero should keep the beard, I genuinely want to hear YOUR comments/questions/personal abuse regarding the first 6 weeks of the season. So, how many mistakes can Pizarro make in a single season? Will Ilicic ever do anything even marginally useful? And exactly where can I stick my Bakic-love? These questions and many of their ilk may get a rambled, low-fi response if you either comment below OR tweet with the hashtag #ViolaPod.

ALSO if you live in the New York City metro area (I remember at least a couple people), are free in the coming week, and are interested in talking Fiorentina, Serie A, or the state of my apartment to my laptop, do email me at LRNZLNDN at GMAIL dot COM.