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Announcing The New Fiorentina Monthly Magazine!!

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Brought to you by the hard work of MIQ, Viola Nation bring you a monthly update in magazine format

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Harold Cunningham

Viola Nation are proud to announce the new monthly Fiorentina Magazine, envisioned, designed and created by our own contributor MIQ.

The magazine will be a compilation of all the matches played in the previous month and will be brought to you in PDF format.

Because of his hard work, we've had MIQ do the textual story this month, and we were tossing around the idea of Lorenzo and I doing the future ones, but I think I like the idea of keeping this something done strictly by contributors, so please let me know if you're interested in doing the textual additions for future editions. You can e-mail me at

you can download the magazine here:


If you're unable to read files in PDF format, you can download a free reader from Adobe here