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International Break Friendly; Fiorentina v Al-Nasr 4-0


Friday evening friendly tonight with Luca Toni's former Dubai club Al-Nasr, coached by old "fried" Walter Zenga.

Lots of Viola are away on international duty, so this will be a chance to see some of the "other" players on the roster, including newcomers Migliaccio, Llama and Luca Toni.

FIORENTINA PT (3-5-2): Neto, Camporese, Roncaglia, Rodriguez; Llama, Borja Valero, Migliaccio, Olivera, Romulo; Ljajic, Toni

AL NASR PT: 50. Abdulla Mussa, 4. Hilal Saccal, 22. Mhnoual Hassan, 41. Bondix Yagoot, 23. Rashed Malala, 27.Lio Lima, 6. Ahmed Ali, 8. Homaid Abdilla, 77. Mascara Giuseppe, 19. Bruno Cesar, 12. Hassan Amin. A disp. 40. Abdulla Mohammed, 3. Mohammad Ali, 20. Khamis Ahmed, 14. Homaid Ahmed, 7. Saced Mobarak, 11. Mohammad, 15. Abdulla Mubarak, 21. Yunis Hamed, 2. Masood Hassan, 30. Mana Sabeel, 17. Abdulla Hamed, 18. Jamal Ibrahim. All. Zenga.

Four goals for Fiorentina. A first half goal for Luca Toni, an own goal off an Adem Ljajic shot, a goal for Adem Ljajic and a goal for Gulin. Al-nasr had one off the crossbar and another that neto saved, but never were very dangerous.

all in all a nice workout for La Viola, a chance to work in the new players and a chance to see some of the younger players.