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Addio Moena: End Of Training Camp


After 20 days and many changes, Fiorentina come down from their mountain top training camp and head back to Florence, with a small trip to Istanbul on the way.

Fiorentina will go to Turkey to face Galatasaray and former Viola Ujfalusi. Felipe Melo has been sent back to Istanbul, but whether he'll make the squad for the friendly has yet to be seen.

The squad coming down from the mountains has almost no resemblance to that which went up to Moena about three weeks ago. These last 20 days have seen the addition of Roncaglia, Cuadrado, Mati Fernandez, Gonzalez, Valero, Aquilani, plus the finalization of Viviano and Della Rocca and Fiorentina fans have gone from wondering to wonderment.

Prior to leaving Moena, Fiorentina officially presented new comer Alberto Aquilani to the press and fans.