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Prade Shocker: Fiorentina Sign Borja Valero


10 years ago today, at 4:30 on August 1st 2002, Fiorentina was officially reborn under the Della Valle era and resurrected as Florentia Viola, starting out in C2. Today the team is resurrected again from the pits of three seasons of uninspired play, in-team fighting, and overbearing egos as Fiorentina pull one of the shocks of the transfer season and sign Spanish international Borja Valero.

Valero is a playmaker come to replace the outgoing Montolivo. He is a through ball specialist with an offensive minded movement. He'll play the regista position giving depth and flow between the offense and defense. In other words, he's the player we've been desperately needing for the last two seasons.

I think we're getting ready to have some fun this season...