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Second Friendly: Fiorentina v Vigonovo 11-0

Fiorentina play Vigonovo today in the second friendly of the preseason. Vigonovo play in the Campionato Promozione, which is the seventh level of Italian Calcio. Stevan Jovetic held out for precautionary measures due to a thigh strain

Fiorentina: Manfredini, Cassani, Felipe, Nastasic (Captain), Pasqual, Olivera, Taddei, Lazzari, Cerci, Seferovic, Ljajic. All.Montella

Vigonovo: Rossetto, Cao, Franzin, Arcaba, Berton, Cordazzo, Cesaratto, Pase, Bengen, Merya, Bessega. A disp. Gallo, Osei, Paciulli, Zusso, Rista, Gardin, Vicenzi, Owusu, Mici, Cozzi. All.Arnosti.

3 '- Alessio Cerci, which falls on the left and kicks high.
6 '- Fiorentina ahead with Ljajic, with a shot from the edge of the area. 1-0
9 '- close to doubling Fiorentina: Olivera recovers the ball in midfield and serves deeply to Ljajic, but the shot goes out to the side.
13 '- nice volley from Lazzari. cross to Cerci ball to the side not by much.
16 '- Used to Seferovic who finds the ball at the edge of the area but kicks to the goalie.
19 '- shot from outside the area by Taddei deflected for a corner.
22 '- Ljajic who is free for the shot with his left foot, ball just high.
27 '- Ljajic frees Seferovic face to face with the goalie who parries
29 '- Doubling of Fiorentina: Taddei to Seferovic vertically with a low shot at the near post
32 '- Sensational opportunity for Fiorentina. Nice Exchange between Ljajic and Seferovic that frees the Serb front of the goalkeeper, but instead of shooting he serves back to Cerci. Shot saved off the line by a defender.
35 '- Shot from Ljajic from 25 meters just high
38 '- Shot Seferovic from the edge, goalie deflects for a corner.
41 '- Third goal for Fiorentina: Ljajic with a conclusion that touches around the pole to the left of goalie and slips into the net.
43 '- Seferovic freed from Ljajic kick from a good position but is deflected for a corner
45' - end of the first half

second half lineup:
Lupatelli (Captain), Acosty, Roncaglia, Di Tacchio, Ashong, Romulo, Capezzi, Vargas, Gulin, Zohore, El Hamdaoui.

5 '- First shot on target from a distance of Vargas, the goalkeeper who saved Vigonovo without problems.
6 '- Action solitary streets of central Zohore, trickery and ball shaving his pole to the left of the goalkeeper.
10 '- Following a corner, Roncaglia steals the ball inside the penalty area and with a powerful left-hander scored for Viola.
15 '- Cross down from the left by Acosty, insert the second pole of El Hamdaoui plate that supports the network's goal of 5-0.
16 '- No look in front of the penalty area Romulo to El Hamdaoui, who is part of the central inland area and beat goalkeeper Vigonovo again.
21 '- error of the goalkeeper Vigonovo, El Hamdaou collects and of the external kick from thirty meters making fun of the goalkeeper with a shot. Fiorentina 7-0.
25 '- Nice exchange between Romulo and Gulin with the latter after a nice slalom center kicks off badly
26 '- Vargas penetrates centrally, serves left to El Hamdaoui, the Moroccan crossed low to Zohore that can not go wrong with a few steps from the door of Vigonovo. 8-0
28 '- Poor error El Hamdaoui by two steps from the door of cross Acosty kick over the bar.
35 '- Counter Attack of Vigonovo Zusso with that after an initial rebound of a Tacchio high kicks from the penalty spot.
36 '- Double parade goalkeeper Vigonovo Zohore of that first and then reject El Hamdaoui with two excellent saves.
40 '- After a prolonged action on the left by Zohore, reaches the bottom and crossed low for Romulo who needs only to support the goal of the goal 9-0.
44 '- ​​Gulin crossed low to Zohore to El Hamdaoui 10-0 for the purple.
45 '- Gulin to El Hamdaoui in the area with a nice right to terminate hostilities with the goal of 11-0

Game Over 11-0
5 goals for El Hamdaoui, 2 for Ljajic, 1 each for Seferovic, Roncaglia, Zohore and Romulo
6 'and 41' Ljajic, 28 'Seferovic; 53' Roncaglia, 57 ', 58, 65, 88' and 90 'El Hamdaoui, 70' Zohore; 84 'Romulo

Who did more, who did less
Ljajic - already appears in game shape. good bestowing goals and assists. Taunted by some fans, but did not respond to provocation.

El Hamdaoui - Despite Ramadan, is deployed in the second half and scored five goals, the most beautiful with a shot from 30 meters. The player often falls too much in love with the ball, but seems clearly growing.

Olivera - During the first time takes possession of the midfield dictating the time and being the glue with the three attackers.


Lazzari - Compared to the first game drops off sharply. Guesses a difficult passage and looks a little tired. Probably it is the conditions of the preparation, the smile does not fail, we hope will get better.

Seferovic - Replaces Jovetic at the center of the trident attack and in the first time can not find the right timing to make himself useful to the rest of the team. Too many difficult shots and little substance, better in the first game when he was used outside.

Cerci - After missing the first race for a mild strain, does not seem to have much desire to play, possibly for the aftereffects of minor injury. Fails to affect and often incapable while trying to pass without success.