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End of the Line: Fiorentina-Cagliari


Fiorentina invite Cagliari to the Franchi to mark the end of a season of extreme highs and extraordinary lows.

Fiorentina close the 2011-2012 season with Cagliari at the Franchi. It'll be the year remembered for our three coaches, our devastating loss to Juve, and our miracle victories against Roma and Milan. It'll be the year remembered for when the Della Valle's woke up and realized maybe everything isn't ok with this team.

From tomorrow the Fiorentina of the Prandelli era is over. From the team, to the uniform sponsor (Lotto to Joma), to the boardroom, it's all getting replaced. Montolivo was confirmed today to be headed to Milan, and we might be looking at the end of the line for Boruc, Vargas, Gamberini, Ljajic, Cerci, Kroldrup, and many others that have become familiar names.

With Fiorentina and Cagliari safe there is very little left to play for, but Cagliari come off two losses to Genoa and Juve, and drew scoreless to Chievo last week. With everyone raring to end the season, they might lay down arms for this one. What it does leave is a great opportunity to try out some of the youngsters for next season.

Tomorrow's game features Acosty and Olivera up front (possibly interchanged with Cerci) and Felipe, Camporese, and Natali holding up the back.


On a personal note, it's been a pleasure to write for you all this season and you've all been an awesome community, fantastic commentators, and great friends with whom we've shared the victories and frustrations with all season. We'll keep you updated with the latest of the transfer madness all through the summer, put up a season review, and keep this awesome community strong no matter where it goes.

I also want to thank my partner and co-blogger slakas for another great season and fantastic writing. He's done a wonderful job and he keeps us always consistently updated. Salute!