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Fior 0-3 Napoli; When The Levee Breaks

"If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break"

Snow storms may have subsided across Italy for now, but other storm clouds are looming darkly over the whole La Viola organization as Fiorentina were drubbed from start to finish by a much better Napoli squad. Questions about the midfield, or lack of one, continue to loom large and one is left thinking that European dreams couldn't be farther off and the relegation zone is closer than it might seem.

Recap/Low Lights

Report Cards
Every player at every position on the pitch was out played by their Napoli counterpart.

Coach's Quotes
“We didn’t have the best start, as we conceded a goal on the first real chance,” he said of Cavani’s 3rd-minute opener.

“There was a reaction and in the first half we deserved to equalise, but after the break Napoli were simply better than us.

“We are a side who have to play a certain way and when we don’t, then our defects emerge. We faced a Napoli team in great shape and who prove devastating when they have space to run into.

“We had two or three players who weren’t in great shape, but above all the problems were in midfield, where we didn’t move effectively. That was where the issues started from.”

Looking Ahead
Midweek makeup at Bologna on Tuesday, who just happened to embarrass Inter, but really aren't of the same caliber as Napoli.
Still, nothing I saw today makes me think that Fior has a chance.

This squad has shown no heart and has very little talent, and what talent it does have is getting injured trying to overcompensate for the rest of the garbage that fills out this squad.

All I have to look forward to in life is to see that piece of crap Montolivo take off my purple jersey for good and hopefully he won't drag Fior down to Serie B on his way out.