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Winter Madness Sets In

Winter Madness sets in as the transfer market approaches...

As the transfer market approaches, rumors, innuendo and outright foolishness begins to take over Viola Land.

Personally, I hate the market windows, it frustrates me to no end to see so-called journalists basically playing fantasy football with my beloved Viola, but this season is a little different. Usually we see all the rumors about where Fiorentina is going to sell all their players, this season, after such a productive Summer Market, it looks like a lot of those stories won't be making an appearance and pundits are speculating as to whom might be coming to Firenze.

We have had the obligatory Jovetic to Juventus story, of course, after this quote surfaced:

"I am thinking only of the present," he told Corriere della Sera. "I feel fine in Florence and I want to win something with this shirt. "I will talk with the club in June about my future, but if I did change teams, I'd like to stay in Italy."

but honestly, I would say that a Jovetic stay is written in stone, at least until summer, so no more from me on THAT issue.

Regardless, at this point, all it is is speculation as the only quotes we have from the man making the movies, Daniele Prade (The Skinny Ninja, I believe he was labeled on this blog), is that he's not expecting to make any moves.

Those comments haven't slowed down the insanity, however, as a raft of names have already been linked to La Viola. A lot of those names have already been discussed in earlier posts by the viewers of the blog, so I'm not going to go into them now, but feel free to use this story (and any other) to expound, discuss, dissect, share and otherwise gnaw and chew on names and ideas until we get some real news.

In my opinion, we're more likely to see some addition by subtraction, namely the sale or loan of one Ruben Olivera and, also, Mattia Cassani. Cassani has been linked to Sampdoria, where former Viola coach Delio Rossi now rules, and there has been talk of a return, on loan, to Palermo. Olivera has been linked to Torino and his agent has spoken of an interest in going to Pescara.

In addition, we might see some resolution of the status (ie: a sale) of some of our existing players that are currently out on loan, like Juan Manuel Vargas and Felipe, so that they don't come back to the squad, come summer.

Also, possible this winter are some loan deals for younger players. Haris Seferovic has been mentioned in conjunction with Bologna and Serie B teams Ternana and Grosseto. A loan for Adem Ljajic is also possible, although Mounir El Hamdaoui's absence due to the Africa Cup of Nations leaves the front line very thin, so barring a purchase or loan of a striker, Ljajic is likely to stay on the bench as insurance.

There might also be some action in the Goalie department. There had been rumblings of a Neto loan, although his latest performances may have made those moot. But those performances have also brought into question the loan of Emiliano Viviano, who has a very high buy out price tag and it's not outside the realm of speculation that he could be sent back to Palermo, although, realistically I don't see that happening, nor do I think they would loan out Neto either. We'll have to see.

In closing, i think i can say with some certainty, given recent history, that nothing will be done right away, and that most of the action isn't going to happen until we get closer to the end of January, when the closing of the transfer window approaches. Until then folks.... Go Crazy!