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Where Eagles Dare: Fiorentina-Lazio

Giuseppe Bellini

Fiorentina host a high flying Lazio to the Franchi, as Italy sets the clocks back an hour, and Fiorentina attempt to recapture some lost momentum.

After a disappointing turn of events last week in Verona, Fiorentina found themselves on the wrong end of some refereeing decisions. The result was a 1-1 draw in which the viola maintained a steady amount of possession, and a booking spree which saw the boys from Florence missing key defender Roncaglia, and key midfielder Pizarro this week. Luckily, Montellas boys are bouyed by the return of one Alberto Aquilani, who is set to take his first Serie A appearance in purple after a long injury spell.

Lazio have had a rousing time in Serie A this season as their new manager has taken them to third place, one point behind Napoli and continued their positive streak with a narrow win against Milan last week. However their away form has been terribly inconsistent, and was proven this week when they could only manage a 1-1 draw in Greece, in which they were saved by an own goal. They nearly threw the game against Milan last week, being saved blushes only by Milan's current terrible form.

Montella has finally called up Aquilani who will start from the bench. Savic will replace Roncaglia in defense while Olivera is set to take up Pizarro's position. Montella has also decided to give Ljajic another chance next to JoJo who will be supported by Cuadrado, Matigo, Pasqual and Borja shoring up Gonzalo and Tomovic covering Viviano.

Petkovic has suprisingly replaced Carrizo with Bizzari in goal, covered by Konko, Biava, Dias, and Lulic who will support Ledesma, Candreva, Hernanes, and Mauri behind a slightly recuperated Klose.


The big story today is Aquliani's return, however with a functioning midfield and a shored up defense prone to less gaping holes, we can take the three points against a scary, but not undefeatable Lazio.