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Samba Returns to the Franchi: Fiorentina-Siena

Another Excellent Catalogue Production

Another Excellent Catalogue Production

The last time we left our purple boys, they were a strikerless, JoJoless, and seemingly soul-less team just barely scraping the bottom of the barrel with Cagliari. This week, there's reason to dream again.

It's been the busiest week in a long time for the Viola. After a disappointing 0-0 draw with Cagliari, attacks were coming from all sides, from the fans to the team, to rumored locker room bust ups with JoJo, rumors of Behrami flirting with a black and white shirt, and Corvino glued to his phone more than ever. The week wasn't without results and did those results come. Gamberini and the team calmed the JoJo case, Behrami once again declared his love for everything purple, and Corvino delivered not one, not two, but three strikers. An Argentine prospect is on arrival, rumors of Ruben Olivera from Lecce signing Monday, and even Kharja managed to find the back of the net three times in the African Cup of Nations. Yep, it seemed like just for this week, we were a functional team again.

So the big news is the arrival of Amauri, but the question on everyone's mind is which Amauri are we getting? The one that will now thrill the Curva Fiesole that he would score hat tricks under while wearing pink? Or the deadweight that he became in Turin? With a new team, and a new baby girl born just two days ago, new papa Amauri has reason to celebrate this weekend, and it is hopeful he will deliver.

Just under a month ago we played Siena in a matched 0-0 draw at the sister stadium Artemio Franchi, in a matched that seemingly highlighted everything this team was missing. Siena return tomorrow, sitting 4 points above the regulation zone, yet coming off an impressive 1-1 draw with Napoli. The big story is D'Agostino's return to the Franchi, which will surely be a parade of frumpy faces and the occasional Corvino aimed middle finger.

With Amauri's arrival, Rossi is set to unveil an interesting and experimental 3-2-3-2 formation, a variation of the 3-5-2 he's been using lately. Boruc will start in goal with Gamberini, Nastasic, and Natali covering Behrami and Lazzari who is pulled far back this week. Vargas, Montolivo, and Cassani will cover the exciting new JoJo-Amauri strike team. Munari is out on accumulation of yellow cards, Kroldrup is still injured (will someone please explain how he's still out?) and social networking genius Alessio Cerci sits in the stands for a second week.

Sannino's Siena shows up with Pegolo in goal, Vitiello, Rossenttini, Terzi, and Del Grosso covering Angelo, Vergassola, D'Agostino, and Brienza with Destro and Calaio up front.

The Tactical Key
With a 3-2-3-2, the pressure is on Vargas and Cassani to return to doing what they do best, delivering sublime crosses to JoJo and Amauri. Lazzari being pulled far back means he's less involved with the attack and more involved with the defense while Behrami will be responsible for sweeping danger before the defense can get to it. The eyes are all on JoJo and Amauri, can they work together? How far back does Amauri play? Are they going to be egoists or will they take as many passing opportunities as scoring opportunities? Tomorrow is an exciting day for an exciting new look viola. Lets make the best of it.