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Dear Firenze...

A letter signed by Andrea Della Valle appeared on the official website yesterday.

There are two photographs, never to be forgotten, that represent the recent history of this company: the first is the day of the new foundation, which took place in Florence August 1, 2002, from a company that no longer existed and which had everything taken away, even its history and its trophies. The second is the years Fiorentina were in the Champions League, the unforgettable emotions of Liverpool in particular.

A path built in large part by people who now lead the company, people who enjoy the trust of the property, have gained confidence with the success and respect they have always had for the shirt Purple. Successes achieved thanks to the support and the enthusiasm of the City, the city government and especially the real fans, who have never withheld their continued support even in difficult times, even when it could not be popular.

Fiorentina today is a company that has achieved outstanding sporting success in a few years, which has placed at the center of the design values ​​of sports ethics, proper behavior, fair play (an example for many other companies), solid balance economic among the best in Europe (on which Florence should be sensitive, since the Financial drama lived in other times - ed: Cecchi Gori), the establishment of a youth that is strong basis for our future (and recent results are there to prove it), and construction of a sports team that will be ready soon, as promised.

These are facts, verifiable by anyone, and it is these facts that we must now deal with the City and the real fans who want the good of Fiorentina. We are interested in their opinion, not the opinion of a handful of broken, noisy and uncivilized people who certainly do not think of the good of the Purple shirt and the future.

It is from them that we want to know if the company has made ​​unforgivable mistakes in recent years or whether there was inconsistency in the management and objectives. Especially if one takes into account the promises made ​​to us and that for a thousand institutional reasons have not been kept (And if the opposite had happened, the Properties, as many will remember, was ready to support and risk a huge investment to provide the Company with the means enable it to compete for the most coveted goals).

Now I need to know very clearly what the City and the real fans want and expect for the future of Fiorentina, and then figure out if there are still reasons for which the property agrees to continue a common fact of sporting passion, of want to build together the best future possible and to return all the pleasure of going to the stadium for an afternoon of fun. If these assumptions are wrong, as we clearly stated on other occasions, then we are ready to step aside.

We are now waiting for concrete signs to that effect, because the company is not going to stay much longer in this climate that has created tremendous bitterness and disappointment. It is necessary that we immediately start a serious civil debate with all the real fans, the City and the institutions, the Mayor in the lead, that they made ​​clear their thoughts and desires, so that we can take seriously our decisions. Surely, for that matter, we should not start next season with this climate, one often incomprehensible and even uncivilized in some cases.

Now the company wants to know what you will do for your team: how and with whom they will support you to continue our journey ahead. The answer that we need to hear, and is the only one that interests us, is that of the City Mayor in the lead, and hundreds of thousands of real fans who really want the good of their team, who until now have remained in silence.

We need to feel that at last the voice of all those who really take to Fiorentina. What we say will be critical for us to understand what are the best decisions to be taken for the immediate future of this company that we, together with you, are re-establishing from scratch.
Updates to the Story:

Mayor Renzi has declined to comment on the letter, saying only that he believes in the Viola Project and that he will bring in the Deputy Mayor and "collaborate to the fullest"

my thoughts

a) just for sending this letter he’s an effing drama queen, BUT

b) he’s got a point. the chants, all the banners, some of which are quite disgusting, the impatience (the transfer window is open until august 31, we still have 3 and a half weeks) have to be annoying for everyone involved with the squad. BUT

c) he needs to quit asking the mayor if they should sell. you’re the damn owner, be committed or not, sell or keep, but quit whining about it.

in other news
Corvino Speaks:

“Kharja? There is an agreement with Genoa and with the player, it lacks very little. It should arrive, but on these occasions it is best to use the conditional in football until it’s all black and white. What kind of player is he? A wildcard midfield. It can cover all three roles of 4-3-3

Felipe Genoa? The player is making his points, but Felipe operation is not connected to that of Kharja.

Cerci? long exist a deal with Manchester City, but the more time passes the more we are driven to keep a player like him in the team.

A reserve striker? If it is sold Babacar we’ll do.

Aquilani? It was my idea, the agreement had been reached for a loan with his entourage, who then suddenly changed his mind.

offers from Juventus and Real Madrid for Vargas? There are no offers and no There are no meetings scheduled

Cassano? No, as a second striker we have Jovetic and the two are incompatible

Maxi Lopez? We will play with Gilardino, he is our striker.

More revenue? The rose is complete, if players leave they will be replaced with arrivals of the same level. We keep all our players, but it also depends on their will. There are some attournies who are working to find alternatives to their clients

The open letter from ADV?
“The mood is the same for the whole society.”