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ADV - Dr Cognigni is President

Back from China, Andrea Delle Valle met with the press today in the press room at Stadio Artemio Franchi in beautiful Firenze to address the issues.

Andrea Delle Valle started the press conference by congratulating the Primavera Viola and went on to address the betting scandal:

"I reiterate the total lack of any Fiorentinian connection to this story. I am saddened by Italian Football but am completely clear in regards to my company."

He goes on to say that just finished season was unsatisfactory, but not bad. Injuries played a part, but mistakes were made, some by him and lessons must be learned.

On future goals:
He says they want to stay at the top, that this coming season is a watershed between the old cycle and the new. The goal for next year is the Europa League.

On the market
He says it will be a large market and there could be major changes. (other stuff I can’t translate) not dismantle, that is not a word for the Delle Valles, rebuild and reassemble with an aim for high levels, they must adapt to the financial fair play, but we are at a great point

On his love for Firenze and Fiorentina
In ten years they have spent nearly 200 million euros, however these important sacrifices gave them great satisfaction and they are not bored of their great adventure in Firenze. He did not like some banners put up in winter against his brother and him, but now they have to return with enthusiasm.

On the absence of a president
From today, the operating President will be Dr Cognigni and I will be the new owner. The president will fail no more.

On Montolivo
His words were a blow, he will no longer meet with the boy (yes, he calls him Ragazzo, a boy lol), he must explain himself to the city and fans if he wishes to remain and believe in the project. The renewal is available, he hopes that Monto will be the second signing, as Jovetic is clearly the first signing (not sure what he means, a renewal for jojo maybe)

On a possible sale of Fiorentina
If the public of Firenze and Fiorentina fans state they want no more, he could go to the mayor to look for a new owner.

Pact with the city
We want to involve all the fans to share together with extreme clarity, highlighting all the ambitions of the company and cheer: this will happen only if all the fans will be united and will start together, then will the Florentines to decide whether the project is still valid and credible.”

On the controversy of the fans: ” You have to have a little ‘patience, because you can not get everything at once: Corvino knows to do a big market.”

Motivations of players:
”I expect that players of Fiorentina are attached to the jersey this year and unfortunately I did not see this passion in the eyes of some players, that’s why I say that for some it is finished a cycle. In the field there must be players with the determination of Behrami, who has shown exemplary devotion.”

blah blah blah, blah blah blah
(these things go on forever)

His abandonment of the presidency
An instinctive decision based on many factors, the choirs from the stands, the loss of his cousin Oscar, a perceived lack of confidence around him. H’s a bit too emotional.

About the players in the squad
They’ll talk with each player and see if they understand the motivations and can wear the Viola. He could not talk about individual players, but repeated that “Those who do not have the emotional requirements necessary can not stay in Firenze. I need clarity on the part of my players.”

On the disappointment of the fans
Fans must be confidant, blah blah blah, with a beautiful summer market the enthusiasm will return, model next season like Naples, blah blah

On the role of Diego
Now my brother is just a fan. A Supertifosi, but…”