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Cag 1-2 Fior; Redemption Song

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds - Bob Marley

Sing a song of redemption for Allessio Cerci, who scored two goals and almost notched a third in Sardinia, netting a full three points for Fiorentina, moving them up to ninth place, making his critics silent, at least for the time being.

This match had all the makings for a walk in the park, with neither squad having much to play for, being mired in midtable and safe from relegation, the coaches both claimed their lads would play hard, but common sense seemed to say this would be a yawner. Luckily for the fans, some players had things to play for, contract renewals, auditions for new teams and some, Mr Cerci included, had to prove they really belonged in Serie A, so the match became much more interesting than it might have..

Fiorentina went the first 45 minutes without a shot on goal. but in the extra stoppage minute, they made their first shot on count.

Mutu serves to Cerci, who, feeling his inner Gila, spun and put it in the corner. Even the announcer in this clip thought it was Gilardino...

Earlier in the half, Marco Donadel had to be subbed for Gaetano D'agostino due to a hamstring injury, Doandel had gotten a yellow card earlier for one of his patented, "give up the ball and lunge with both feet" tackles. Per Kroldrup also got a yellow, although watchers agreed it was a soft one at best.

Fiorentina went into the locker room with a one goal lead and feeling good about themselves.

It didn't take long for Cagliari to pop the Viola palloncino, however, as the Rossoblu came out fired up and put Fiorentina on their back feet and Cossu blew a shot past Gamberini that Boruc had no chance on.

In minute 50, however, Cerci leaped onto a rebound off a Behrami shot and put it away, again ala Gila.

Marco Marchionni was brought on for Mr Cerci, and Amidu Salifu got a last minute appearance, but the rest of the match was Cagliari attacking and Fiorentina holding on and sending the occasional counter, which usually wound up wit Marchionni running over someone.

Statistically, Cagliari got off a lot more shots, 21 to 12, but shots on were even 6 to 6, with Boruc getting 5 saves.
Fiorentina held 55% of the possession and were called for more fouls 16-11. Corners were even 7-7.

Report Cards
Boruc - 5 saves, a little slow on the the goal he let in, going to make us a lot of money this summer. 6

Gamberini - a little slow closing on Cossu on the one goal, never really challanged after that. 6
Kroldrup - got a yellow, but it was real soft. played solid in center. 6
Pasqual - maybe it's just me, but it infuriates me to watch him, he's constantly out of position, he gives the ball away easily, people just run right around him, but today he had some good crosses to go along with his usual garbage. 5.5
DiSilvestri - nothing special, but all we need is stability on that side. 6

Montolivo - had a slow first half, having D'agostino come in seemed to free him up in the second, had a close shot. 6
Donadel - yellow card and injured, did nothing really 5; D'agostino - seemed to hook up with monto more in the second half, prob best game he's played in some time 6
Behrami - his usual hard working self, only a diving save kept him from his first goal, and the rebound was scored by Cerci anywho. 6.5

Mutu - didn't have a very good match. held the ball too long often, he did get the assist on the first Cerci goal; subbed off for Salifu late. Salifu - didn't have enough time to make an impression
Gila - Dragged down in the box, maybe went down easy, fought for some headers but never really looked likely to score. might have gotten a yellow card, but that is uncertain at this time 5.5
Cerci - man of the match. 2 goals and almost a third. 7.5; marchionni - bull in a china shop, blah

Mihajlovic - finally gets payoff for his belief in Cerci, and gets another 3 pts on the road. 6

Looking Ahead
May Day. May 1st and Udinese come to town. Udi fell out of the Champs League places today and have lost 3 of the last 4 matches, but that one win was at Napoli, and it wasn't too long ago (late February) that they dropped 7 goals on Palermo in Palermo, so they can't be taken lightly.