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Serie A gets down to Tooth and Nail: Fiorentina - Roma


In honor of our good friend slakas currently sitting at home with cotton balls stuffed in his cheeks, this weeks preview takes a toothy theme.

Like an unsavory trip to the dentist, Roma come to Florence in yet another bid to take control of their wildly misfiring season. Mihajlovic will be faced against many of his former teammates, and especially Montella. Fiore are looking better lately, we registered another away win last weekend at Chievo with a classic Vargas free kick, while Roma are off a 2-0 derby win with Lazio, but are reeling from a disappointing performance in Europe.

Roma have always struggled at the Franchi, last season they came away from a brave viola defense with the three points thanks to a late Vucinic strike, but the 2008-2009 season brought that famous 4-1 win. Roma are a big team, but they aren't unbeatable.

Fiorentina come into the match with big Artur still keeping the goalposts nice and pearly clean. Pasqual, Gambero, Natali, and Comotto, will be the minty fresh line of protection, while Monto, Vargas, and Behrami will be the floss that'll get in between the lines to serve to Mutu, Santana, and Gila to chew through Roma's defense.

Of course our team still has a few cavities, namely Jovetic, Kroldrup and Frey who may return in the next match or two.

The plaque and bacteria that is Roma will show up with thick and slimy Doni, a nasty coffee stained defense of Burdisso, Mexes, Juan and Riise, while we'll try to keep Pizzaro and De Rossi from getting stuck between like a thick piece of beef jerky, who'll serve to the (according to 4 out of 5 dentists) the bad breath causing Taddei, Perrotta, Menez, and the gingivitis-causing Totti.

Roma, having enjoyed one too many sweets are going to have a major gap with Vucinic suspended and Cassetti injured.*

*Any Roma fans reading this, please understand this is all part of the theme and should not be taken seriously or insulting.

In other news, congratulations to Papa Gila, Gemma Gilardino was born this morning, both daughter and mother Alice are doing fine.

Fiore-Roma is always a tough match up for both sides. Like any other big game this one is Troll-risky. No troll comments will be allowed to stand, and lets be respectful as always to them too.

Remember to floss, and FORZA VIOLA!!