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Can Donkeys Fly? : Chievo-Fiorentina


After last weeks Mutu "comeback" (how many times are we gonna say that this season?) The purple people fly into Verona to face the flying donkeys. Hopefully Mihaj has had enough experience this season that we can go in and not make asses of ourselves.*

*I am being informed that the joke was indeed terrible and will not be repeated.

Last weekend we finally put in a convincing win with a 3-0 routing of lowly Catania. Mutu put in his best performance of the season and Gila finished them off. The team finally looks to be on the rebound, and 3 points this weekend surely put us in the safe zone. Although Chievo are far from a team to be underestimated.

Chievo come off two losses and a 0-0 draw with Parma last weekend. They sit 13th in the table with 32 points and have four wins and seven draws at home this season.

Last season we were bageled at the Bentigodi with an early Montolivo strike and the Chievo comeback thanks to Pinzi and Luciano.

So the big question this week is, what do we do now that Donadel is suspended and we are practically out of midfielders? Early suggestions was to have D'Agostino play with a tutor on his hand but it looks like Mihaj doesn't want to risk it and place Vargas next to Montolivo and Behrami with Santana in the hole behind Gila and Mutu. Meanwhile Natali will start over Camporese with Gambero, Pasqual, and Comotto in front of Boruc. Cerci will continue his tenure in the stands. Marchionni has in fact been called up.

The Donkeys will stand their ground with Sorrentino in goal, Andreolli, Cesar, and Mantovani behind Sardo, Rigoni, Guana, and Jokic, while Bogliacino will back up the possibly doubtful Pellissier, and the ogre-like Moscardelli (seriously have you SEEN him? Hes like a wrestler who decided to take up professional football)

Your scumbag Referee this week will be Andrea De Marco.

Jojo's hopeful Cesena date return looks to be on hold once again, Frey is finally training and could return against Roma, while Kroldrup is still recovering. The donkeys will miss Fernandes and Luciano. Frey Jr. will sit on the bench.

On a side note, Gila is taking a man to court this week who was trying to extort money by claiming he had pictures of our #11 with a showgirl. The society has rushed to Gilas side and the trial should be brief and cause no further problems. Apparently the man is very well known to the team management and Florentine police.

We could be setting course for Europe, its going to be a mad rush to the finish.


Note: We at the Fiorentina Offside offer our thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan in this time of need, and as support I offer scenes of ex-viola Hidetoshi Nakata