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Parma Part Deux: Parma-Fiorentina


Aaaand so hes back - again. For the second time this year Adrian Mutu makes his (this time) less than triumphant return to the field as Fiorentina return to the Tardini for the second time this year.

Our first trip to the Tardini came in December with a disaster filled Coppa Italia tied where we took the lead through the everpresent Santana in the 118th, only to have Crespo doom us to hell in two minutes.

We come off a morale boosting (and job-saving) 1-0 win over Genoa in midweek and if there was ever a place to get a positive away win (which has been missing for almost a year now) its in Parma.

Gone are the usual suspects although no suspensions on our side.


Both Mutu and Crespo will start from the bench, but watch out for Amauri (who always seems to find the net with us) and Giovinco.

Lets re-see the more aggressive side that we know!