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Fior 1-0 Genoa - Yes I Hope You're Feeling Better


... And if you're wearing Purple, Mario "Don't Call Me Carlos" Santana might have you feeling exactly that.

With two road matches coming up, this match at the Franchi had to be considered a must win, and with fan angst at a high water mark, everyone involved with Fiorentina was looking for a positive result and the lads did not disappoint.

Newcomer Valon Behrami made a difference in the second minute with a nice cross that Gila was unable to put away and continued to be a threat through out the time he played. Marchionni had positive minutes, along with a much improved Manuel Pasqual. On the back side, Young Camporese continued to impress and Comotto even had a good match.

It was fairly even until minute 40, when Pasqual put in a cross that Goalie Eduardo slapped at like a little girl and Mr Santana got it and put it away

<Report Cards
Boruc - good save with his leg to preserve the win, can't argue with a clean sheet 6

Camporese - solid, excellent control of the ball in his own corner, have to wonder why he isn't playing all the time 6
Gamberini - starting to look a lot like his old self 6
Comotto - did well, held his place and played forward when appropriate 6
Pasqual - played much better, looked a lot calmer 6

Donadel - kinda ragged 5.5
montolivo - bad first half but settled down in the 2nd half, seems to be a recetn pattern 5.5
behrami - played well, served a good cross to gila, got in an hour 6; cerci - still trying to hard, getting whistled by fans 5.5

marchionni - been out for a while and came back without much rust, played a big part in possessing the ball down the stretch to preerve the win 6
santana - man of the match; put awway the goal and almost scored another from long distance; natali came on for d
gila - worked hard, almost got a goal early, with behrami on there was a sense that he wasn't so isolated, but he was out on an island towards the end 6

mihaj - did what he had to, didn't sit on the lead, had the lds working to the corners late to kill off the match. really really really needs to get that winless monkey off his back on the road. 6

looking ahead
at parma. really needs points.

and slowly... little by little... it gets closer to....

jojo time