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The Pink vs The Purple: Palermo-Fiorentina


Time for one of the potentially most frustrating matches of the season. Palermo-Fiorentina, The Pink vs the Purple, or "The Pretty Derby" (According to girlfriend)

We head down to the Renzo Barbera of Sicily to take on Palermo in an early 6:30 am match. Palermo are on a hot streak coming off a 4-2 win over Lecce while we come out of a slightly disappointing 1-1 draw at Parma. Miccoli seems to have re-found his form, and besides the absence of Pinilla, the striking duo of Hernandez and Pastore have made Palermo a fearsome contender this season.



Mutu finally returns to a starting position and will give a much needed hand to an isolated Gila, yet despite the chart Camporese might be favored over Natali to block out Palermo's quick attackers. Notably absent is D'Agostino who might switch with Montolivo, who along with Santana are match fit.

Palermo lose the in form Cassani, but watch out for Pastore, Miccoli, Ilicic, and ex boy Balzaretti.