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So What Now?

We're deep in crisis right now, and we need solutions fast. Where do we go from here?

3 games...1 point out of 9, thats the desperate situation we're in now. We haven't won a game since we beat Udinese 4-1 at home, and Gila hasn't scored in 850 minutes officially making his dry streak worse than it was at Milan. Last week we had no excuses, not even a bad refereeing call to save us from blushes. We're down and out unless we start coming up with solutions. The first problem unfortunately we can't solve, its the absences and injuries. Mutu and JoJo are both out for extended periods, D'Agostino is out, Natali has been out for 2 weeks now, and a lack of investment (to be covered later) has made no progress in adding depth to our squad. We're left with a team seemingly made of glass. In the meantime, Miha has made no change to his 4-2-3-1 formation that just doesn't work with the team he has. In the magical 2007-2008 season we played a very effective 4-3-3, and of course the team was drastically different and 100% more motivated, but having Gila up alone with people other than Vargas who can't cross doesn't exactly help. Even the famed "man in the hole" isn't doing the job originally set out to do. We need a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 that can cover positions not just try to push forward. At least we're not going for the desperate long balls without aim that Kuz and Liverani were so fond of.

Management: We need a president. We've been without some sort of administration since DDV called it quits. Currently the figurehead of the club is Mencucci (who I absolutely cannot stand for many reasons) and the always mysterious "vice president" Cognini who has yet to make any real public appearance or statement. The club is basically being run by a board, and we have no leader. The only one who is doing their job is Corvino, everyone else just seems to sit around throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. We're basically blind. Either the DV's show up soon and clarify or just sell the club to someone who has a pair.

Montolivo: Lets face it, Montolivo is not a captain. A captain should inspire, like Mutu, or Frey, or JoJo, and push harder than the rest of the team. Monto just isn't the aggressive leader this team needs. Someone said he looks like a 14 year old girl, and he plays like the ball is going to eat him. The sad thing is Monto has been at the club longer than anyone else, and he has moments of pure brilliance, he just needs the space to do it (and by space I mean if every other guy on the field were to completely vanish)

Transfer Market: This is probably the most frustrating part. We've been needing to fill in key positions for YEARS now. Defense has been a mess ever since Ujfalusi left, and we still haven't found a decent centerback. We failed to capitalize on Jorgensen and Dainelli and are filling them with mediocre signings. Signing Boruc is still a mystery and other than giving us the rage page has done nothing else except create tension within the team. I'm sure he's an awesome keeper, we just don't need it. We could just sign Buffon and Casillas as 3rd and 4th keepers while we're at it. Basically we need...another (younger) striker, a center defense, anybody on the left who's name doesn't start with C and ends on omotto, and an inspiring midfielder.

On that note, kudos to Corvino for backing off Munoz, seeing how hes been the first 3 days, I still think we dodged a bullet.

I'll give Miha 2 weeks to figure things out. If by 2 weeks we haven't drastically improved, we need to start looking in new directions.