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Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin

"I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true..."

Whether it's confusion or discontent from the coaching change, unfamiliarity with each other due to the constantly changing lineup or perhaps we're just not in shape yet. Whatever it is, there is no one this evening in Firenze on the same page, well except, perhaps, the fans.

Fiorentina were whistled and cursed off the pitch at Artemio Franchi by angry Gigliati this evening after what can only be called another dismal performance. The lone goal scored by La Viola was a questionable penalty, the offense was all bark and no bite, the midfield meandering and stagnant and the defense held on for dear life. Mr Frey kept it closer than it could've been, but not even his usual heroics could save us from ourselves.

Report Cards
Frey - Frey was really our only bright spot, if you can even go that far. might have had a chance on the first goal if it hadnt deflected, made a spectacular save on the second goal, but couldn't stop the rebound. 6.5
Gamberini - he was real bad today. rusty. one the first Lazio goal, he couldn't clear the ball, then couldn't block the cross picked up a yellow, gave away a dangerous free kick needs to do better 5
Kroldrup - he was solid. our best defender. how sad is that 7
LDS - three bad crosses, out of bounds or to no one, he got back better than the first few matches, but he bit and got beaten big time on the cross for the second lazio goal. 5
Pasqual - patetico - at least 4 crosses to no one. deflected a shot into goal. 5
Zanetti - has by far the most notes in my notebook and all but one are negative. he had one good pass on the gila goal that was called back. bad crosses, stupid fouls, passes to no one. slow, sluggish. 4
monto - another bad day. a few decent passes, but looks lost. isn't holding defensively either. way off his man on the second goal. 5
vargas - had a good first half, made dangerous plays and crosses, but disappeared for long stretches in the second half.
wonder if the substitution pattern didnt take him out of the game. 6
Ljajic - scored his goal. had a few nice one on three plays where he tried to emulate baggio, but the shots were always wide. subbed in the second half. 6
Cerci - was really the spark plug in the first half, got the penalty kick, deserved or not, subbed at half time and fiorentina never looked dangerous again 6.5
Gila - worked hard and was an inch offsides from scoring, but hes really like my persian cat, nikki. we have wooden floors and some jackass de-clawed him, so he runs as fast as he can, but only goes about a foot or two. all effort and no result 5

Marchionni - a couple of good crosses and a couple of bad crosses. really not to effective and didn't make much of a difference. 5
Babacar - brought some energy, broke a couple of p-lays and lost a few balls. one weak shot. 5

Mihaj - the team came out with the proper attitude, didn't allow an early goal and even scored first, albeit, probably luckily. However, the team didn't react well to the goal and looked increasingly vulnerable until they eventually gave up the equalizer. the substitution at halftime did nothing for me, babaca for ljajic hopeful at best. the seond half was painful to watch. he stormed off the field under fully deserved jeers and curses. 4

moving forward
Hard to paint a pretty picture. we have 4 days til we go to genoa. I guess the one item to point to is that chievo scored 3 goals in genoa last week. after genoa is two home matches to parma and palermo. we need points