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Serie A schedule release: kick off against Napoli at the Franchi


Mike R:
So we're starting off with a bang against Quags, Cavani, and co. We were pretty unlucky last year with Frey parrying off a penalty only to suffer a Maggio chip in the 89th minute. Otherwise Napoli can be questionable on the road. We've twice beat them at the Franchi, in 07 with a smooth Bobo (yeah that guy, remember him?) and then in 08 with Ricky Monty and Carlos Santana. My real worry comes in Week 13, and 14, although Milan does look shaky in the offseason, and the club in chaos, they are still tough to beat at San Siro and the boys have to travel to Turin the week right after. I like facing Parma and Palermo at home two weeks in a row, heres to hoping we stay solid, but it might be a tricky two weeks come the return trips. Fiorentina Brescia looks like a nice ending and we might be able to play that to our advantage in the event we're left playing for 4th place on the last day with another team.

In other news, Miha's tactics are finally starting to make themselves known. From what we know Miha is all about running and more running, his philosophy is "don't stop running until the ball has touched the net even if you've beaten the keeper. He wants 4 attackers at all times who are ready to both attack and then defend should the ball be lost. He plans to play with a defense placed higher than Prandelli's style and wants all men to be involved in moving forward. His focus however is on free kicks and he and Marcolin (asst. coach) have continued to impress with their deadly accurate kicks. He seems to prefer Ljalic as an all around freekick taker who along with JoJo and Frey seem to be the three most in form players at the moment. Miha has also been impressed by Cool Papa Waigo and has has report ably asked Corvino to hold off on selling him for now.