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Corvino Speaks: Viola "On Track" to sign Liverpool left-back Emiliano Insua.

It appears La Viola will finally get A defender if not nec. THE defender we've all been pining for.

Mr Corvino has been quoted:

"Insua? There are plenty of negotiations as we continue to achieve our objectives. To definitely close [the deal] takes the signatures of three parties. We are on track," he told mediaset.

"[Midfielder Stafano] Guberti or another external arrival? For us it's already a sacrifice to keep the same squad we had last season in addition to those that have already arrived.

"It's also true that there are still 40 days left in the market and Fiorentina will pay attention to any opportunities that arise."

blog contributor extraordinaire brett offers this:

Meanwhile, the team took some time off this afternoon in scenic Cortina