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It's the Mike and Slakas Show!!

Hello World, This is my first official blog!
Mike and I will be blogging for you.

Introductions are in order.
My given name is Jay, my nickname is Slakas. It's pronounced Slack Ass and it's because I'm prone to be a slacker, not for any physical defect, thank you very much. there will be more on me in my bio eventually.

So, our new goalie joined our new coach and the rest of our team in beautiful Cortina and they are hard at work preparing for the campaign.

Star of the training session is our new coach, by far. He's peppering goals from all over the field and working harder in his personal training then most of the players.

Everyone, except the man that counts, is telling us that we have this other new guy named Insua, but until i hear the fat man sing, I'll wait on that.


Mike R:
Whats up guys? This is Mike. I'm dedicated viola for about 20 years now, I lived for several months in Florence to study and travel, saw my first live game in Verona in May 2005 (it was the last game of the season, Tonis 31st goal and Dainellis first. It finished 2-0 for the good purple guys) Recently I was at the celebration for the Champions League "defeat" against Milan and made me fall in love all over again with this team. Looking forward to a very happy and successful season and many great nights with this team! FORZA VIOLA SEMPRE E OVUNQUE!!!