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So, ah....What Up?

Hey Crew,

So at this point there are probably very few of you who remember me, but my name is Ted. For a long time, by standards, I was the Fiorentina blogger. Posted every other day, kept you all up on the gossip, etc. Life was pretty good.

Then a bunch of other stuff happened, that was also pretty good. I kind of had to take over the non-profit I was working for. Then I had a son. Then the wife and I decided to have another kid. At that point I was posting like once a week at best and a lot of other fellas were helping me out. I decided to become a "guest blogger" so I could do right by my family and spend a little less time on these here boards. When I left the place seemed in good hands.

Now I look and I think: WHAT THE FUCK? There hasn't been a new post since June? HELL is this? During a World Cup year? C'mon. Viola represent.

So here's the deal: I am on paternity leave this week, since my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl a few days ago. While I have some time, drop me a note if you would like to start blogging on the site. Fiorentina should have some consistent posts since we are a big club. Nay, scratch that. We are the biggest club in Italy. No, wait, the biggest club in the world. Bigger than Barca, Real, Manchester and Inter all smooshed together in one ball and held together with Didier Drogba's hair grease. So we should at least be able to put up a decent blog post twice a week.

In the meantime, I will try to take this whole "Guest Blogger" thing a little more seriously, and try to crank out a post once in a while. We'll get this back up and running. All jokes aside, we have one of the best and nicest crew of people on the discussion boards for our team. This gang deserves a good leader. I would do it again if I didn't have the dang kids. But if you do have some time and a love of all things purple, drop me a line.

Something to discuss while we wait for our new blogger: Did anyone have a twinge of regret when they say Felipe Melo slamming an opponent’s leg in that game during the cup? OK. Me neither.