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Mercato Rumor Updates


Prandelli out and Mihajlovic in. This one is just awaiting the formalities.

Vargas is being followed by many rich clubs.

“The offers from Inter, Juve, Manchester City and Real Madrid are all real,” confessed the winger.

“I don’t want to get a big head or create unrealistic expectations. My agent will think about that and tell me the best offers.”

I couldn't pick a better group of clubs for Corvino to play against each other. A realistic over/under on his final price should be about 900 gazillion euros.

This summer's piggy bank.

This summer\'s piggy bank.

The big rumor today is that Gaetano D'Agostino has signed for 9 million euros, on a three year contract worth 1.3 million annually. Last summer, Juventus led him on. Sort of how Cristiano Ronaldo led Kim Kardashian on. Obligatory pic.

We all know what ended up happening. Juventus chose Felipe Melo instead, and handed us bags of money. D'Ago's price went down, because of an injury-riddled season. Corvino smells blood, and swoops in for the kill. You can read the two links I put in the previous paragraph to learn all about how awesome he was in 2008-2009. I think he would work well in a three man midfield with Montolivo and a dedicated defensive midfielder.

Season Review is coming. I'm moving from Detroit to Chicago tomorrow morning. I'll finish the review during the car ride, and I'll post it when I find internets.