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Tensions Among Viola Management Continue

Good afternoon. So I take my lunch break, reheat a bit of leftover chili, and decide to read up on the latest with the Viola. And, again, the tensions seem to be at a boiling point. Not good, considering stability would be preferable as there is still the chance to lift the Coppa Italia and victories are needed to move up the table and qualify for European competition next season. Let's take a moment and try to figure out what the hell is going on at the Artemio Franchi.

In the fall, Andrea Della Valle resigned his position on the board, leaving the day-to-day decisions involving the club to his brother Diego. Diego, as I understand it, is the top dog in the familiy-owned Tod's shoe business. So, there was a brief dust-up, I was nervous for a couple of days, and then things eventually retruned to normal within the club management structure. So, despite the fact that Prandelli has always publicly said that he wants to remain in his post at Fiorentina (he's under contract until June 2011), even going so far as to say that he'd re-up for another 5 years, the rumors continued. Viola transfer guru Pantaleo Corvino has also repeatedly said that he believes Prandelli should continue.

The next major tension point came when the rumors about Prandelli's future began to emerge. We all know how the coaching profession in Italy is, few managers last as long in one place as Prandelli's nearly 5 seasons at Fiorentina, and Fiorentina is not seen as a "big" club. Cue The Special One reminding everyone that he can leave his post at Inter whenever he damn well pleases, and Juve imploding and only appointing a caretaker manager to try and salavage what's left of their season.

Before the Udinese match, something happened. Please advise me if you know what it was, but it appears unclear at this point. Diego Della Valle apparently demanded another public statement from Prandelli regarding his intention to stay at Fiorentina. Today, Diego stepped down from his post on the board, but is not planning on putting Fiorentina up for sale. Prandelli also made ANOTHER public statement today, reiterating the fact that he's not going to Juve or Inter and wants to honor his contract. This is marginally distressing because he doesn't mention extending his deal, but hopefully it is enough to calmn things down.

To me, it sounds like someone needs to get Prandelli, Corvino and both Della Valle brothers in a room and make them talk this out. Perhaps issue a team statement saying that they will discuss Prandelli's contract extension at the end of the season but for now are focusing on moving up the table and winning the Coppa Italia. In order to be certain that they sit down and talk this out, I believe Vargas should wait outside the room and be there to beat anyone down who dares leave before a suitable resolution. I'm hoping this is all a pride-filled pissing match that will be sorted out in the near future. What do you guys think?