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Udinese Recap

Good evening. Life sort of got in the way this weekend, so I wasn't able to get anything up before today's match against Udinese. It ended up being a fairly convincing 4-1 victory, with each of the attacking players getting a goal a piece. I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the match, so I'm not going to offer up too much in the way of analysis. Highlights and a few thoughts after the jump.

Since his return from his latest injury, Santana has been looking very good. I know I've been critical of him at times, but his ability to beat players off the dribble, combine with his teammates and if he continues to finish his chances, he's an excellent player. Gila scored a classic poacher's goal and Jo-Jo's finish was spectacular. He really showcased some leaping ability and that was a header any striker would have been very proud of indeed. And, Vargas' laser beam was the first time I can remember a goal from a free kick in quite some time.

The main negative I'd say is that the streak of allowing a goal is alive and well. Udinese caught us napping and made us pay with a very nice counter attack. There are 7 more league matches from which the Viola need to acquire as many points as possible. Keeping our opponents off of the scoreboard in some of those games would go a long way. The win sees Fioentina move up to 8th place, 4 points behind Napoli, Juve and Samp. There will be more later on in the week, but the next match is away to Parma. They've really fallen off since a hot start, and they're safe from relegation and only 2 points behind the Viola, so they'll have plenty to play for.

Forza Viola and I hope everyone has a lovely Monday.