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Tuscan Minnows Livorno come to the Franchi, hopefully to get stomped

Buon Giorno. Sorry for the late and brief preview, but I was busy yesterday making it up to my fiance that we spent valentine's day in a car with my family traveling home from my brother's wedding in Ottawa last weekend. Not much time to squeeze in a preview of this match.

I can sound like a broken record, but with only 1 point in the last 5 league matches, we all know how important a victory would be today. Livorno stink, they're in the relegation zone and have only 2 wins and 2 draws in their 11 away matches so far this season. They're leading scorer is Lucarelli, but he's only got 4 goals. Fortunately for the under-strength Viola defense, he's a big lug and hopefully this means that the Natali-Felipe center defense can keep him off of the score sheet.


Viola: 4-2-3-1; Bassy; Pasqual, Natali, Felipe, Comotto; Donadel, Bolatti; Vargas, Jo-Jo, Marchionni; Gila Monster.

Livorno: Rubinho; Perticone, Rivas, Knezevic; Raimondi, Pulzetti, Moro, Filippini, Vitale; Tavano, Lucarelli


Not so much, so we'll do the stream thing.

Prediction Time:

Gila Monster breaks out of his slump, scoring 1 in each half. Viola control the match and win 3-0 with Jo-Jo also getting one. Forza Viola!