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Piove sul Bagnato - Screwed Again



Piove sul Bagnato is an Italian proverb meaning "Raining on the wet" whats bad can only get worse.

Well. Corvino is a genius again then? Saint Seba faces anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months out with a distorted knee. Remember Seba faced a career ending surgery about 3 years ago so it'll be a tense few months to see how he recovers

In the meantime, Boruc will finally get his chance to play and although hes been a walking joke up to now he might in fact be a key part of our season.

As for other injury issues, Montolivo is looking closer to ankle surgery while D'Agostino will make his return...Saturday...playing with the Primavera.

Vargas seems to have recovered and will start on Sunday while Natali picked up a knock besides being disqualified anyway.

Our stadium looks like an emergency room right now.

Can we get a savior? Maybe This guy?