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Back to Square One: Fiorentina-Cesena

Italy Soccer Serie A

Abbreviated preview today due to work/sickness we are again. After a string of positive results we suffer the classic midweek crumble and come up short in Rome thanks to open ended defending and questionable goalkeeping. Good news is that our attack seems to somewhat function, better news is D'Ago and Adem are deadly together. So this years replacement black and whites (sorry Siena) come to Florence to repeat the impressions they've made against Roma, Lazio and Milan. Cesena is not a team to be underrated. Watch out for Schelotto, Bogdani (another Florentine scoring favorite) Giaccherini, and Appiah, deadly attack there.

For the purple people, Boruc remains in goal, Comotto returns to a more defensive minded defense (how depressing is that?) with Natali, Gambero, and Pasqual, the big news is D'Agostino's return to the starting XI along with Donadel and Santana, and the Vargas, Gila, Mutu attack. Lets face it, this is as complete as the team has looked this season.

Cesena come off a 1-0 win with leaders Lazio so expect them to be pumped. so.

Expecting nothing less than 3 points here! FORZA VIOLA!!