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Europe - Game Day 3

coefficient Game3 2010

Match Day Three for the Champions and Europa Leagues participants. While European competition might not seem farther away for Fiorentina fans since Calciopoli, it still is a big deal.

I don't really have the heart for a huge thing this week. Biggest match today is Milan at Real Madrid, Real are 2 pts ahead of Milan at the top of their group while Ajax is only 3 pts behind The Team formally known as The Beckhams. Ajax is at home against Auxerre. Roma have Basel at home and must win, there's really no room for them to fool around anymore. Roma are three pts back from group leader Bayern and tied with Cluj, who must go to Munich today.

Big match tomorrow is Tottenham at Inter, both teams tied at 4 pts on top of the group.

On Thursday, Juve at Salzburg, Moscow at Palermo, Samp at Kharkiv and Liverpool comes to Napoli.