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Wait…What? Fiorentina Played a Football Game? And I’m Writing About It?!?

I kind of feel like a dad who went “out for cigarettes” six weeks ago and never came home. Now I’m back, and the wife and kids are kind of happy to see me, but they’re also a little wary. How long will I stick around this time?

All I can offer are my apologies; as I written there have been layoffs at the place I work so I am now doing two full-time jobs, (including the Executive Directorship of a non-profit) and in my spare time I am trying to be a good dad to my (real life) kid. It was actually a good time to for the boys in purple to go on break, because I have hardly had time to watch the games anyway.

(I should also use this space to say that while I feel like a deadbeat dad, the Mom of the family, Tim, has responsibly stayed home, putting up one great post after another. So a tip of the cap to my pal Tim, and apologies for calling him the Mom of the Fiorentina boards. Uncalled for. Sometimes my metaphors get a little labored.)

So anyway, the Mighty Viola played a match this morning versus our neighbors to the south. Every time I write about a Siena game I have to tell this big labored story about how my wife and I spent one of the most wonderful and debauchery-filled weekends of our lives in Siena a few years ago, and thus that I secretly like Siena even though I am supposed to hate them. But anyway, we whupped ‘em today.

The Viola won 5-1 with goals from the Gila Monster (2), Santana (Somewhere Timmy is happy), Kroldrup (?!?!), and Mutu. The latter man is the most encouraging, since we will need a happy and healthy Mutu (along with My Precious) to keep this wild ride going if we plan on going any further in the Champions League.

Truth be told, I didn’t see much of the match. I was streaming here at the office while on a LONG conference call. Every time I looked up, however, it seemed like we had put one in or had mounted another attack. So good start to the second half and a much needed three points in a game where we should have got them.

Other things to discuss:

• Transfer window craziness is now on! My man Luca Toni in Roma? Say it ain’t so. I have a soft spot for the big fella, but no such spot for Lazio B Team. I hope you score 20, Luca, and hope they are all in losing causes.

• How do you like our signings? Are you as confused as I am to have another Felipe on your team?

• We’re back up to seventh. CL action doesn’t begin again for a while, but where do we rest guys, and where do we play them? What do you want more? Advancement in the CL or a top-four finish? (Yes, I know you want both.)

Okay, that’s it from here for now. Just a quick one to say hello. I missed you guys. I will hopefully be back soon, but I just have to run out for a pack of smokes….

Forza Viola!