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Grazie Dario

Sad news out of Firenze. I'd ask all of you to take a look at that video, and regardless of your ability to comprehend Italian, one has to be struck by the emotion Dario feels leaving Fiorentina and the pride he has at representing our favorite club. He's a class act and on behalf of the Viola fans who congregate here, I'd like to wish him the best at Genoa. He gets a 3 and a half year contract, a pretty decent salary that might be a raise and goes to a club that should be pretty competitive in the future. There are more videos on the team site if you're feeling nostalgic.

I'll be the first to admit that I heavily criticized his play at times, especially last year. But it must be said that he did very well this season when he was healthy. The Viola advanced to the CL knock outs, at at the present are tied with Bari and Inter for the fewest goals conceded in Serie A. I'm still of the opinion that Dario isn't at a level any more (and maybe never was) where he should be in the first 11 at a team with Fiorentina's ambitions.

I don't want to say anything else negative about the guy, and I'll come back tomorrow with a post where we can discuss the Cup match against the Donkeys and any other transfer rumors that come up. Let's use the comments to wish the captain well and cast our own votes for who should be his successor. For me, I'm torn between Bassy and RickyMonty. Also, any favorite memories of the big man are welcome. Forza Viola!