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Surprisingly good Bari come to the Franchi for a Big Match

I've only got time for a brief preview this week, but I'd like to start by saying it was great on Wednesday to see such a big win, and to see Ted's recap. Although I'm not sure I can agree with Ted's definition of my role here at the Viola offside, I'm happy to be the responsible one. That's the role I usually play when I go out with a group of my buddies anyway - I'm able to assure everyone's wife, girlfriend, fiance, etc. that no one will wind up in jail. And I've almost always pulled it off.

Anyway, to the game. The key thing for Fiorentina to worry about, and I'm sure is keeping Cesare up right now as we speak, is that Zanetti, Gamberini, Marchionni, Jovetic and Vargas will be out through injury tomorrow. Also, Comotto is suspended. So, that's about 5 guys out of our top 11 that won't be ready to go. Vargas got a minor thigh strain in today's practice (must not have had enough massages from the Viola assistant coach or trainer who takes care of that after he scores) but hopefully that won't be anything too major. Still, the Viola have enough talent healthy and ready to go and should be feeling good after thumping Siena (who put in quite a performance today in a loss at Inter).

Bari have been exceeding expectations, and are level on points with the Viola right now. Their away form has been pretty decent as well, with one win, 4 draws and 3 losses in 8 matches. This has been staggering, especially for a team depending on Sergio Almiron to run the show in the center of midfield. At any rate, they are an effective team who are quite dangerous on the counter attack, and Fiorentina will have to be sharp to get the 3 points needed tomorrow.

Lineups, aka Blind Guess Dept.

Fiorentina: 4-2-3-1; Bassy; LDS, Dainelli, Felipe (who looked pretty good against Siena but I'm not sure he's more than a squad player), Gobbi; RickyMonty, Donadel; Santana, Mutu, Old Man Jorgensen; Gila Monster.

Bari: 4-4-2: Gillet; A. Masiello, Ranocchia, Bonucci, Parisi; Alvarez, Donati, Almiron, Rivas; Meggiorini, Barreto


This one will be live from 9:00 EST on FSC in the USA and ESPN in the UK. I'm sure there will be streams if you don't have access to either of those options.

Prediction Time:

I can't see anything besides the Viola keeping it going. 3-0. Mutu, Gila and RickyMonty. Enjoy the game and I hope to be watching it live so I can join in the comments.

Forza Viola!