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Quick Post: Highlights and Andrea Della Valle's Resignation

Good morning - No time for a long one, but I wanted to post something brief so we could discuss the news.

Andrea Della Valle has resigned his position as president of ACF Fiorentina effective immediately. Here's the Football Italia story, and here's the official press release.

I'm not sure what to make of this right now. I'm dissapointed, because Della Valle was a very important part of the "Viola Project" that has brought the team to the top of Serie A and the Champions League, all while doing things in a fiscally responsible manner with a plan in place for growth in the future.

Sweet highlights from yesterday: (I didn't realize Bassy made several good saves, Fiorentina really should have scored 4, and, yeah, Santana still can't finish).

Youtube from Berlusconi's empire.

Forza Viola and I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts.