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Viola signs C. Zanetti

How Corvino managed to pull this one is beyond me. We got him for €2 million, and the guy is taking a pay-cut to fit in our salary cap, almost half of what he earned at Juve! Unbelievable!

Anyway, let's talk a bit about C. Zanetti. He's a defensive midfielder, capable of both recovering the ball and playmaking. At 32, he's seen everything there is to be seen. His resume includes clubs like Roma, Inter and, obviously, Juventus. He actually started his career with Fiorentina, but, not being a starter, moved in search for more playing time. Now, at 32, Cristiano is looking to end his career at the same club he began playing, and, being a Toscana native must have played it's part.

C. Zanetti will compete with Donadel for a starting place, although i think Cesare will rotate them, so both should stay happy. C. Zanetti will, probably, get to play more in the bigger matches, while Donadel will get more less important ones.

Overall, he's an extremely cheap, risk free solution. Corvo should be applauded for this one. I'm extremely curious about the man's negotiating tactics, is he capable of hypnotizing people or he just makes 'an offer that cannot be refused', like in Mafia movies? Just kidding.

Forza Viola!