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Our dissapointing summer mercato(so far)

So Melo is gone. After months of speculation, Felipe was finally transfered to our archrivals Juventus. I don't know wich would have been more difficult to swallow, a transfer to Arsenal, that would have made the italian league look even more inferior compared to the english premier league, or to Juventus, that makes us look and feel even more inferior compared to the northern trio of Inter, Juve and Milan

And it's not that we lost Melo, it's about not bringing in a quality replacement. Donadel is decent, he is our Ambrosini, hardworking, never complaining about the lack of playing time and has a laser of a shot, but he is not exactly a defensive midfielder. We need a pitbull, a big, strong sadistic bully, that can boss the opposition midfield. When you look at Donadel, you'll, probably, be more inclined to ask him what kind of hair products he uses. I also have a feeling that, someday, he will be our captain.

We got 21.5 millions euro plus Marchionni, a right sided midfielder and, (big surprise), another ex-Parma player from Cesare's days. I wouldn't be surprised if some of our players from the ex-Parma contingent, will start confusing teams, benches (when we play Parma), jerseys(imagine Mutu or Gila showing up to games in a Parma jersey) or the stadium location. The funny thing about Marchionni's transfer
is that he actually wanted a pay rise in order to complete the transfer. Are you kidding me, dude?! We saved you from mediocrity and you want a pay rise?! You're lucky if you're not getting a pay cut, you moron!! The guy probably thinks he got transfered to Real Madrid.

The arrival of Marchionni means that someone will lose a spot in the starting eleven, as i'm sure he will be a starter. If we play a 4-3-1-2, it means that Kuzmanovic will lose his place, and i don't think he will be happy about that. As for Semioli, he will have to look for a new club, cause there's simply no room for him anymore, even as a reserve.

Our other two protagonists are Cesare Natali, a tall center-back, and Jose Ignasio Castillo, a tall center-forward. Natali is 30 years old, he's been playing for his whole career for mid-table clubs, including recently relegated Torino. As for Jose Ignacio 'Nacho' Castillo, he's 34 and has been playing for most of his career for Serie C2 or B level teams, including recently relegated Lecce. And the funny part is he's been assigned the nr.9 jersey, you know, the one that our former two coppacanonniere Batistuta and Toni used to wear!! Unbelievable! It's not like the numbers 19,29,39,49 are already taken! It's simply ridiculous. Expect him to be a Loria-like disaster. If he will score one goal, i will be surprised.

Overall, we had a disastruos mercato, instead of getting a good center-back and a proven, veteran striker, we got two players from recently relegated teams and we lost our star midfielder. I find it hard to keep my optimism up, especially when Cesare thinks we can replicate Hellas Verona's Scudetto winning season from 1985! The old man is going loco! I hope that, by winter break, Cesare and Corvino will learn their lesson, and bring in some quality players. You need to stop buying from the bargain bin!

What do you think, guys, am i wrong to feel so pessimistic about the upcoming season? I just don't see how we can improve our position compared to the previous season with the current squad.

That said, Forza Viola and apologies for the lack of posts. It's just that there was not much to write about. Hope i provided you an interesting reading material. I'm open to suggestions. Enjoy!