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Brief, Late Preview: More Nerazzuri - This time the weak ones come to Firenze

Good morning! Sorry for the lateness of this preview - but I've had a crap week and I'd rather not get into the reasons right now. We all know the drill by this point: 3 points today are absolutely necessary as the Viola have slipped to 10th in the Serie A table.

Everyone Calm Down, OK?

I know lots of Viola fans are nervous due to the league position. But, if we think about it, things aren't too bad. We're only 3 points off of 4th place, and there are some teams in between us and where we want to be that cannot possibly stay there over the whole season: Bari, Cagliari, Parma, and a fast-fading Sampdoria. Before Christmas, here's what Fiorentina have on the schedule. Today, at home against Atalanta. Next is the trip to Anfield on Wednesday night, for which the Scousers have nothing to play for except pride (they're going to the Europa League win or lose). Next weekend the Viola have a manageable trip to play the Flying Donkeys of Chievo Verona. The last one before Christmas is a tough one against Milan at home on Saturday the 19th.

Guys are starting to get healthy and I don't think that it is unrealistic for our boys to target a minimum of 6 points before the break. Atalanta aren't particularly good and the Viola have been strong at home this year, Chievo are not that strong and don't have much of a home field advantage, and Milan will be without David Beckham and his stupid haircut. Of course, Pato still scares the crap out of me, but hopefully Fiorentina will have enough attacking options healthy for that game to cancel out the minimum of one goal the duck is sure to tally in that game.


Fiorentina: 4-2-3-1: Bassy; LDS, Dainelli, Kroldrup, Pasqual; Donadel, Montolivo; Santana, Jo-Jo, Vargas; Gila Monster.

Atalanta:4-4-2: Consigli; Garcis, Manfredi, Bianco, Peluso; Padoin, De Ascentis, Guarente, Ceravolo; Tiribocchi, Bobby Freshwater.


Looks like we're outta luck on this. FSC is showing Genoa-Parma, the bastards. A draw would be nice there, Football Gods. Looks like we'll have to do the stream thing in the comments.


I think Cesare will have the boys ready. Gila Monster will get it done, provided no posts get in the way. We'll need to keep a close eye on Bobby Freshwater, but I think that Dainelli, Donadel and Kroldrup can handle him - he's not a dishonest Argentine who goes down hoping for contact from an over-matched RB trying to play CB (still salty with that Mercenary Milito after last week). 2-0 to the good guys with goals by Jo-Jo and Gila. Forza Viola!