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CL Wrap-Up and Udinese Preview

52817As with my last post, this one will be really brief. As I’ve explained, I’m going through a real busy patch at work and Timmy is on vacation, so this is largely just to give us all a place to post thoughts, etc.


First off are some much-delayed, and not very ground-shaking, thoughts about where we stand in the Champions League. After an inspiring second half explosion vs. Debrecen on Wednesday, we now sit on 9 points, second in our group, and 5 in front of a highly regarded Liverpool squad. We next play Lyon in beautiful Florence. Lyon, of course, is in first, it could be argued that they could be a little comfortable seeing how they’ve been great in the competition so far, and they will be on the road. It is not unthinkable that we could get three in that match, which puts us safely into the next round. We will see, but it is certainly a date to circle on your calendars.


On the Domestic front we have Udinese on Sunday.

Here are some blind guesses as to the starting line-ups:

Udinese: Handanovic; Basta, Zapata, Coda, Lukovic; Inler, D’Agostino, Asamoah; Pepe, Corradi, Di Natale.

Fiorentina: Frey; Comotto, Natali, Kroldrup, Gobbi; Montolivo, Donadel; Marchionni, Santana, Vargas; Gilardino.

For the Viola Dainelli is suspended, while Gamberini and Adrian are out with injuries. Apparently Frey, Zanetti and My Precious are all iffy, although I believe all three could ultimately play.

Right now it looks like the match will NOT be televised on American TV, so make sure your computers are fired up and set to stun.

I see a 2-1 Viola victory on the road.


IF I get to see some of the match (I didn’t see much of the game on Wednesday because I was at work) I will try to get some thoughts up later. Sorry about how little I am putting up now; once I get the next issue out the door (I edit a magazine) I should have a little more free time.

In the meantime, hope you are all well. Enjoy tomorrow’s match. Forza Viola.