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Mighty Viola v. Hungry, Hungry Hungarians

hipposWe’re not really going to do a preview of this one, crew. Timmy is on vacation and I just don’t have the time right now. So I’m just throwing this up here so we all have a place to put our running commentary once the match starts.

Here’s two useful-ish links. The first is a preview of the match, written by someone who seems to know as much about Debrecen as I do. (And that aint sayin’ much.) The second is the Great Man urging the boys to take this one seriously. I think I can second that.

News right now (as of Tuesday night on the East Coast of the US) is that we will definitely be without Adrian and probably without My Precious, which is problematical because of our goal-scoring problem as of late, regardless of what happened Sunday. Hopefully my second, imaginary son will be fit.

There are also reports that Bassy is iffy. I can't even speak rationally about it and thus will not entertain discussion concerning it.

I’m going to try to stream the match at work. Not sure how much I’ll get to see. If I do get to see at least a chunk, I’ll get some reaction up here as soon as I can.

I’m hoping (obviously) for a big Fiorentina win, combined with Lyon beating Liverpool. It would make my Wednesday.

Prediction: Fiorentina 3 – Debrecen 1 (Jo-Jo Hat Trick).

Hope you are all well.

Forza Viola