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Brief Recap and Genoa Preview

Sorry for the delayed recap, but Ted's traveling and I'm trying to get ready for a big trip myself. At any rate, I'll offer some quick thoughts about Sunday's loss to Napoli and today's away match against Geona.

Napoli Match:

Not a whole lot to say here. First, let's start off by saying that Bassy was incredible and without him it could have been much worse. Second, the trouble scoring goals of late has been worrying me. Aside from the game against Debrecen, there haven't been many and the Viola need to figure out a way to convert the possession and wing play into more goals. Third, if you're coming to the Franchi and looking for a result, wear a baby blue shirt. Fiorentina won't score.


This is a big one. Genoa were strong last season and have been slumping of late. Their last two matches include the 5-0 humbling at the hands of Inter and twice blowing leads in losing 3-2 at Cagliari.

For Fiorentina, 2 points from the last 3 league matches puts the boys in danger of sliding down the table to an undesirable position after a solid start to the campaign. We're currently level on points with Palermo, but sitting 5th in the table based on goal difference. The pink guys are at Inter tomorrow, so a result today would hopefully allow Fiorentina to hop back into the top 4, depending on how AC David Beckham fare at Napoli.

Lineups, aka blind guess dept.

Fiorentina: (4-2-3-1) Bassy; Comotto, Gamberini, Dainelli, Pasqual; RickyMonty, Zanetti; Marchionni, Mutu, Vargas; Gila Monster.

Genoa: (4-3-3) Amelia; Papastathopoulos, Biava, Bocchetti; Rossi, Milanetto, Zapater, Modesto; Mesto, Floccari, Sculli.


Doesn't look like we've got any USA options. Post a stream if you got it starting at 3:45 pm EST. The time already changed in Europe for some reason.

Prediciton Time:

I'm confident. I think this will be a good one, but I see the boys coming back strong and Prandelli having them ready to go. 2-1 for the good guys with both goals from Mutu. It won't be equal to his 3 from last year, but we'll take it. I suppose that mercenary Crespo will come off of the bench to get one for Genoa.

Forza Viola!