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No News is Good News (But Awfully Boring)

Every blogger in the game has, at one point or another, written the “sorry I haven’t posted lately” post. Maybe the writer gets sick, or he goes on vacation, or he has to move, or work’s been a bear; whatever. I myself pulled that stunt a few weeks ago when my boy was born.

Well, it’s Friday, and I haven’t posted since Tuesday, but this time it’s got nothing to do with me. Things are so just so damn SLOW right now. We had a friendly earlier in the week and Mutu’s elbow injury, but since then the only news out of Florence is the whole will he/ won’t he stuff about Mutu playing in the season opener and some jive transfer rumors (including the resurrected Burdisso to Fiorentina deal) that I’m just not that interested in until they get closer to actual fact.

So the thing is, I am ready to write, but there’s not that much to write about. Which is frustrating, because it feels like I SHOULD have stuff to write about: the English have started, there are internationals and the Olympic Football tournament all over the place, and even the MLS (I am a season ticket holder) is in full swing. It seems like everybody’s playing football except Series A.

I know its coming, however. We have the Super Cup this weekend, then the second leg of the Viola’s CL tie and then the following Sunday finally, FINALLY, the Juve match. I can’t wait.

In the meantime, please know I haven’t forgotten about you or the blog; like you, I am just waiting for something to get excited about.