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Fiorentina: Silly Rumors and Real News

201600_hp.jpgWith another few days before the second-to-last Viola game of the season (I am already starting to demonstrate withdrawal symptoms) I thought I would pass along another collection of links to real news and really questionable rumors. As always, let me remind you I am only a conduit for your Fiorentina news: I no more guarantee the accuracy of these stories than I guarantee the accuracy of my “predictions” before every Viola match. (If my predictions were always right, incidentally, Fiorentina would pretty much be undefeated.)

First, here is a nice article describing UEFA Honcho Michel Platini’s praise of Fiorentina for the sportsmanship they demonstrated after the Rangers loss, when they applauded their opponents off the field. (And here is Della Valle’s response.) This is why everybody respects the Great Man so much. This wouldn’t happen without Prandelli.

Here’s a little piece on my favorite midfielder with a girl’s haircut, Riccardo Montolivo, stating that the boys can still get the fourth CL spot. Likely or no, that’s the kind of attitude we need.

This article states that stalwart Viola defender Alessandro Gamberini would welcome Gila into the Fiorentina fold. (Hey, so would I.) In a separate piece, Gamberini argues that Fiorentina “deserves” fourth more than Milan. I know where he’s coming from, but as Clint Eastwood says, ‘Deserving’s got nothin’ to do with it.’

This piece reports that Mutu has been ‘offered’ to Schalke. Ahem.

…While this one tells us Ujfalusi is signing with Juve. For the love of…

Finally, apparently the deal with Stevan Jovetic is not quite done. I’ll try to let you all know if anything changes.

That’s all for now; hope everyone is well and getting ready for Sunday’s VERY big game.