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Fiorentina: News and Notes

201597_hp1.jpgIt’s been a quiet week for the Viola, largely because the boys do not have a mid-week game for the first time in a long time. I feel like I should be prepping a match preview for tomorrow, but I accept the break just as the team must welcome it: with two incredibly important matches yet to play, they need the time to rest and refocus. With all this free time on my hands, however, I can pass along what little news is getting out about the club. Some of these are just rumors, and as we all know about football rumors on the internet, you can only trust em’ as much as you trust the source.

First, here is the Great Man talking about the toll the UEFA Cup run has taken on his club. He’s not making excuses, but just stating facts when he says the boys were emotionally and physically exhausted. I think we will see a fresher and crisper team this weekend.

Next, here is some transfer gossip suggesting Ujfalusi will probably go to Athletico, since he won’t play in Italy if not in purple and he apparently isn’t interested in England. Tomas had an up-and-down season, but in my mind there were more ups than downs, and I would prefer if he stayed. But it looks like he is not in Prandelli’s future plans.

Here’s some more scuttlebutt that Fiorentina are getting close to signing highly-rated Russian ‘keeper Igor Akinfeev. Obviously this is the back-up plan if Bassy leaves. Prandelli and company need to have a fall-back, of course, but it would be my STRONG preference that they keep THE WORLD’S BEST GOALKEEPER in Florence. Pretty please? If you sign him, you can consider it both my birthday and Christmas presents…

Finally, here is a bit of gossip from the ‘Violanews’ webpage, which tends to be slightly more reliable than some of the other sources out there, although it is still gossip. The site is reporting that Fiorentina will have a war-chest €40 million and are already close to working out an agreement to sign Alberto Gilardino. Interesting. These rumors, if true, would also probably have an effect on what happens to Frey and even (possibly) Pazzini, so keep your eyes open. We will see what actually occurs.

That’s all for now. Thanks everybody. I will be back later this week with more news before the previews of this weekend’s match.