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Fiorentina: News and Nonsense

Since the transfer stuff keeps coming fast and furious, I thought I would keep passing along the “news” for the next few days before we get to some more serious stuff.

First, it looks like Barzagli is ready to sign. That’s a good thing.

On the rumor front, some sources are now saying the Viola are looking to pick up Oddo as well as Gila from Milan. Currently Milan is in deny-mode, so this is all still firmly in the rumor department.

Here is a decent summary of all of the transfer news surrounding the Viola that has materialized so far. This is useful.

Here’s a pretty good editorial on Fiorentina’s return to greatness over the last few years. Good, heartwarming stuff.

‘Violanews’ is hosting a poll where you can (unofficially, of course) nominate the new captain now that Ujfalusi is gone. I think Jorgenson and Gamberini are good bets, but we have a long way to go.

Finally, this is a nice interview the ‘Violanews’ folks had with the Great Man. He predicts big things next season and thinks Kuzmanovic could be the breakout player of the year. It’s pretty impressive that Prandelli can be thoughtful and impressive-sounding even when his words are run through the wretched Google translator. I guess that’s why he’s the Great Man.