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Fiorentina: News and Notes

201671_hp.jpgJust a few quick things today. First, the 24-man roster for the Italy Euro squad was announced today, and Riccardo Montolivo was named as the sole Viola player on the team. I’m happy for Monto, who I still insist is the single best player in the world with an 11-year-old girl’s haircut.* The team still need to be cut by one more player before the tournament starts, so we will see if he makes it onto the final squad. On one hand, he played wonderfully in the second half of the season, deserves to be on the team, and it would be cool to have his immense talent showcased. However, I already ran into one Viola fan at lunch** who would much prefer to see Montolivo cut to protect the boy from injury. I guess I am good either way, but would prefer to see him play.

201674_hp.jpgFiorentina officially announced that they are parting ways with Ujfalusi, who is likely going to Spain. This is pretty old news, but here is the official announcement. Thank you for your immense service to the club, my Captain. You shall be missed. Good luck on your travels.

Finally, the Frey rumors continue so fast, furious, and ridiculous that I’m not even bothering to link to them. They include him going to Milan, Arsenal, and staying where he belongs. I have always bet on the later and continue to do so.

Hope you all like the cool pictures, incidentally, of the celebrations back in Florence. Damn I wish I were there.

* As Triumph the Insult Dog says: “I keed, I keed.” I like Monto. Please don’t send me death threats. It’s just a minor crack about the haircut.

** I wear my Fiorentina jacket everywhere and am often happily accosted by random Tuscans and Viola fans. I obviously like it or wouldn’t wear the damn jacket everywhere to begin with.