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Fiorentina: News and Notes

On the heels of yesterday’s soul-crushing loss to Rangers, we have a relatively large influx of Viola news for today. I’m just going to pass these along and take the rest of the day off before coming back with a preview of the Cagliari match by (hopefully) Saturday night.

By the way, thanks to everyone (Viola fans, Rangers fans, and neutrals) who have commented on the match in the various posts. All the posts showed a lot of passion, and a few were laugh-out-loud funny, even when they were at Fiorentina’s expense. I’m glad to see a Fiorentina game is getting so much attention, even if it was the wrong result for the good guys. Anyway, onto the links.

First, here is some rare attention paid to the Viola by ESPN, who focus on Ranger’s negative play.

Next, we have Fiorentina bigwig Della Valle, master of the obvious.

Viola midfielder Fabio Liverani apologies for missing the pen yesterday. I, for one, accept.

Here’s a story suggesting Lazio is going after Pazzini this summer. And from SUCH a reputable source.

Finally, it looks like Donadel will be out for the Cagliari match, while Bobo Vieri might be out for the remainder of the season. That last one might be a mercy-killing.

I’ll be back tommorow with the Cagliari preview!