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Champions League!!!!

010268312346300.jpgHey, you know what I like?!?! Bicycle Kicks!

Today the Viola won 1-0 to finish the Series A season in fourth place. They have qualified for the Champions League. The winning goal was scored on a stunning overhead kick by Pablo Osvaldo in the 76th minute.

Congrats to Torino who came to play today, played a hell of a match, and scared me to death on every counter.

Congrats to Milan who won big today (4-1) and did the best they could with the situation out of their hands. They were worthy antagonists all season.

Most importantly, congratulations to Fiorentina; the organization, the coaching staff, the players, and the fans. What we’ve done in the space of five years is incredible, and Champions League football next season is a just reward. I am so proud of this team.

Much more to come later today and all week, including the match recap and thoughts about next season. Everyone lift a glass in honor of our favorite team today.