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Fiorentina: News and Notes

137891_mediumsquare.jpgI’ve been at bit busy at the pesky ‘real’ job lately, but I wanted to provide a bit of news and notes on the Viola before getting to the PSV preview tomorrow. Look for that column in the afternoon followed by a recap of the match on Thursday evening.

First, we have a preview of this weekend’s Series A action, which Uncle Fester says will be decisive in the outcome of the season.

Next, here is a article where Pazzini is being hailed as great…by his own agent. I’m shocked.

Donadel doesn’t think Milan is a big scary monster like I do. Glad to hear he is confident, at least.

Here’s another one off the summer rumor mill: the Viola will sign Matteo Ferrari from Roma. Hey, maybe Ronaldinho too.

Finally, here is an excerpt of a touching interview where Coach Prandelli speaks about his beloved wife, who passed away late last year. Even with the rough translation (it was run through a google translator) I got a lump in my throat when the Great Man spoke about the “unforgettable, deafening silence” that marked the moment of silence when he returned to Fiorentina after her death. A nice little reminder that football actually isn’t all that important.

See you all tomorrow.